Megaman Legends

It may be no big surprise that I prefer the first two NES Megaman games over the later incarnations. However, there is another game in the franchise which I'm fond of: Megaman Legends. This game was so unlike the original Megaman that I could accept it for what it was. In fact, I bought all three MML games for the PS1 back when they came out, and I think I like the first one the best... (surprise).

Megaman Legends Project


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I really wish this weren't a trademark infringement so it could be made. I always love reading your redesigns, they think of pretty much everything (well, this one is light on actual gameplay, but I assume that's because it would be similar to the original).

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much work you put in there! It strikes me that your paint is getting more tightened, which also suites nicely. Don't worry I still do like your loosened strokes ;-)

Nat Loh said...

sweet mother of god, yes. I quite enjoyed this game and the only thing I really wanted was some of the classic "____man" robots. I love how you made Servebot versions of them. Maybe they are squad leaders for similarly thematic locations. I could see Ice-bot leading a band of less clothed and shivering snow-bots. Ice-bot (and other bots) could even first appear riding inside a machine to tie in the universe. If they are with the Boones, it makes sense. Otherwise they stole them? It really depends on how complicated you want that (factions) part of the game to be.

FishyBoy42 said...


I loved Megaman Legends so much! It was a definitive game for me as a kid.

I like that you included the donation thing the original had. It was really nice feeling like you actually had an influence on the world.

Also, you did really well on preserving the feel that the reaverbots had with your designs.

RADIX said...


You never cease to amaze me, man.

Kevin McDonagh said...

Great involving and descriptive writing to accompany your lovely illustrations. It's an art in itself to craft these wonderful 'Game bible's. Much like how you prefer to draw inspiration from old less visually detailed platforms maybe the fact that these games do not get made (yet) adds to the artistic values in our minds. They could perhaps never live up to the charm and adventure we imagine in our heads when reading your docs. Well done and thanks Niklas!

Reginald Furybrand said...

Fan-fucking-tastic, sir. Your post hath filled me with delight. I weep knowing that I shant have a chance to play the game you have described. 'Tis so good, only early modern english can express my joy!

Pehaps I'll try and work out some kind table-top version of the setting.The little comferts help me sleep at night.

Joel said...

The timing seems about right, capcom kinda wants to make a third game. You should poke them with a stick. I would play the hell out of this game.

I've had a hankering to see more of tron and the servbots for a while now.

Arne said...

I'm glad you liked it.

I've read a few of the interviews with Inafune. MML seems to be a favourite of his, but getting funds for the project is the main hurdle. If he's passionate about the series he probably has plenty of his own ideas already, so my stuff probably isn't too interesting.

RAWLS said...

AWESOME work my friend! I took my lunch time at work to go through your work.... WAY more than I expected! Really great stuff man! Inspired!

Anonymous said...

The first redesign I've seen about a game I've actually played (and loved), it's incredibly inspiring. so thanks :)!

cold52 said...

well I can truly say without a doubt youve done an excellent job here...its well thought out and makes me want legends 3 more than ever (not that i havent wanted mml3badly)

now then for my own thoughts
unless i didnt read it or anything i didnt see anything about traps,
next i dont think it be a great idea for the purifier form of trigger...maybe as a mission but judging from the size it would destory one aspect...the ratio of size of trigger to enemys (since we all like the little guy fighting giant enemys :P) although the design for trigger you made lookes great :D
ow and as for the
super serverbot squad (the name im giving for a laugh)maybe theres a mission when you get back from a dungeon where they are rampaging the town in hopes to lure megaman in to defeat him (maybe they wanted to prove to tron they could be useful and finally take him down so they built super suits and went there on there own to defeat him)
sorry for the long comment and hope to hear more of your redesigns :D

bTomfoolery said...

This is absolutely amazing. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I love Megaman Legends and I'd love to see this project become a reality. You've got a cool design style, I wish I was that talented.