Skeleton Wars

Back in 2006 I started doodling on a game which I had wanted to make for quite some time. Basically, I wanted to see something like Warlords, but with more fantasy races (orks, elves, etc). In 2008 I revisited the thumbnails which I had done, and cleaned them up a bit. I also wrote a bunch of stuff, but didn't make anything public, because it was an unfinished mess. Today I compiled a simple page using the now old material. So, here it is, my Skeleton Wars page. (It's still a mess.)

I've also been secretly updating my Doctor Who page. (Also still a mess.) I'm looking forward to seeing what Matt Smith and Moffat will do.

Some new old stuff

I've been sitting on this content for some time.

Misc game projects

More misc stuff

Eventually I want to make individual project pages, but at the moment I've just collected a lot of my art and text bits onto these two pages.

Right now I'm working on an Elite game. My previous blog post might have hinted at that. I'm thinking I'll try doing a bunch of art assets this time, leaving the coding to someone else. Programming can be fun, but it's slow progress.

It will be a top down game (because it's easy for me to draw, not knowing much about 3D). I don't think that the third dimension really contributes that much, game mechanic wise. It adds realism, but controlling and displaying something in 3 dimensions is much harder.

At first I wanted to make trading the primary thing (blasting space pirates aside). Then I realized that what I actually enjoy is space exploration, finding alien cultures, tomb raiding, big enemy fleets. Trading still has its fun, but it risks getting grindy.

It's YouTube

I made a YouTube account and uploaded some Frontier Elite II videos. I could never get into Elite 1. It has a more fun universe, but less things to do, and kind of dated graphics / UI. Frontier (Amiga version) still works well graphically I think, perhaps because of its flat style. The Archimedes version looks interesting because it's not player centric. I also need to check out Escape Velocity, because a top down Elite clone looks like an appealing thing.

Also noodled on my Elite ship paper craft page.