Under-developed He-Man doodles Each He-Man character has some sort of thing about it (feature or shape) that I eventually will have to find and exaggerate / focus on / make a theme.

I was never into action figures as a kid, but I recall seeing (expensive) He-Man and Star Wars figs on the toy shelves, perhaps secretly wanting one. It's kind of silly how so many of the He-Man figs were just repaints of the same muscleman sculpt. I think the most fun/striking ones are Skeletor, yellow skin Evil-Lyn (not a fan of the pale skin version), and the best henchmen are Spikor, Trapjaw and Spout Snout. His main henchmen are pretty boring I think (Merman, Beastman, Triclops?), and so are most of the good guys. Roboto would be fun with a different head I guess. It would be cool if he was delivered in pieces and had to be screwed together. Zodak has a fun Kamen Rider helmet, but then the chest piece ruins everything.

The new "classic" display figs (4H) has a nice Webstor and Cobra Kahn, and even the regular palace guards are sort of nice, matching Man at arms. Shadow Weaver is striking character but the figure was not made widely available. Skeletor is showing a bit too much of his neck, but I've seen fixes to that.

I'm not really a fan of the 200x stuff which was occasionally quite... malt-cross style as I call it, and a tad too... McFarlane.

I think I actually prefer the smaller legs of the old figures. It brings focus on the more characteristic upper part of the figure, and it agrees with my small-leg fetish.

Spaceship design

I've made a page with some of my thoughts on Spaceship design.

Dragon Quest project progress

I was surprised to see the theme of Google's April's fools, because I was just noodling around on my Dragon Quest project.