Star Maidens!

If you're into 70's TV sci-fi, do check out Star Maidens. Orange, Brown, Olive, Duck egg!  The "Storm Troopers" are the best. Even if there were sci-fi stuff on TV nowadays, I doubt we'd see something like these colorful concoctions from the past.

I've blogged about UFO earlier, but I hadn't seen much of the spiritual sequel, Space 1999, until recently. I actually haven't much liked what I've seen from Space 1999 so far. The plot is so obviously at the whims of the writer, oftentimes plowing down a morally deficient (or just oblivious) line of thought without much regards to scientific literacy or plot integrity. I can accept a flawed plot if it's fun and there are cheesy guys in 70's outfits, but Space 1999 is so damn beige (the characters in particular), both literally and metaphorically.

Superficially, it tries to set a serious tone, but underneath its all... fantasy writing. Moral dilemmas carry weight because we can relate to them, because they are realistic, even if the setting is not. In fantasy writing, there's often just an emotional appeal, then a Deus Ex Machina to prove it right (against the odds), delivering an unjustified, empty moral lesson.

That said, I really enjoyed Space 1999's s1x08 Dragon's Domain.