Phantasy Star

I never owned a SEGA Master System, but I fondly remember some of its games which I played at a friend's place. The SMS hardware was pretty good so it's a shame that the system has such a small library and never go to realize its potential in the way the NES did.

One of the best games for the system was, almost without question, Phantasy Star, an RPG released in 1987. It's similar to the forerunner Ultima in its presentation, with the first person dungeons and a mixing of fantasy and sci-fi. Of course, Phantasy Star's graphical presentation has more meat to it than Ultima's, but I think it also bests its contemporaries, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Makes me wonder how Toriyama's excellent Dragon Quest designs would've looked if DQ had been released on the SMS...

Anyways, Phantasy Star project page in the works.