Rebelstar Raiders

Here's some research I did on Rebelstar Raiders . One thing which I really like about the Rebelstar games is that the moonbases and other installation appears functional. It's not just random mazes and rooms with crates. The first game had 8*8 px characters, and if the maps use tiles it doesn't show at all. The later games (Rebelstar 1 & 2) moved to 16*16 px characters, and then Laser Squad introduced character rotation and an angled perspective (not isometric though). X-Com inherited a lot of combat mechanics fom these older games, an in some ways it was inferior in that department. I think the machinegun fire and aim control works better in Laser Squad. You can spray X number of bullets between two arbitrary points. It feels really Rambo.


Peter Berkovski said...

wonderful redesigns going on here, really dig the starbolter and the heavy android visions, the photon looks really dangerous,looking forward to see the rest of these characters
*best regards

Anonymous said...

So do you have any games you've worked on that we could play?

Arne said...

Try Cortex Command. It's not finished though.