Spotter Challenge!

When Megaman found a new ruin site to explore, Roll had him running errands instead. This was a perfect opportunity for Tron to sneak in, grab the treasure and lay in ambush. However, the ruin is populated by several new Reaverbot types, none of which are in Tron's database. Can you help her to identify them?

EDIT: Revealed the source sprites.

The 3DS, Kid Icarus, and MML3 announcements all came as a surprise to me. I often complain about 3rd person 3D games and how their inability to present clear spatial information to the player can hamper certain game design verbs. For example, in the game Space Harrier, aiming can be a bit tricky. In the new 3D Mario games, there aren't a lot of complex destructible block situations, precision jumping, and things which we saw Mario do in the early 2D games.

However, I'm cautiously excited about the potential of the 3DS to address these issues. Even older games where 3 dimensional spatial relationships are important can become much more playable... if the 3DS is as effective as advertised.

So, naturally I'm curious about how MML3 will utilize the 3D screen. Just how it will affect immersion during dungeon crawling, or dog fights? Could a line of reticles meeting up with the enemies give the player a better aiming experience? Will the 3D screen be used for something quite unexpected and great, or will it end up being a forced gimmick?

I'm also curious about this 'new development approach' mentioned by Inafune, and how MML3 somehow would be a game 'for us'.

I'm very tempted to revisit my own Reaverbot Legends project now. I've linked it below, in case anyone is interested. The part which was most appealing to me about MML was the enigma of the Reaverbots, the Digger community, and of course the Tron Bonne character. I really liked the MML series and I hope MML3 turns out great and Inafune has fun making it (he did seem pretty excited). Edit: Wait. He quits and becomes indie?

Edit: Also.

Edit: I've actually been updating my MML page a little recently.