Ett Hav av Skr├Ąck.

This was found in a Yule ornament box.

It's dated June 11th 1990.

Enter if you dare (and can read Swedish).

Humble Indie Bundle 2

The Humble Indie Bundle #2

As some of you may know, I'm doing stuff for Cortex Command every now and then. It's an indie game developed by DataRealms, and it's included in the Humble Indie Bundle #2 which just went public.

Cortex Command is very much a work in progress. We've been making slow progress since about 2004 or earlier. Fortunately, it's one of those games which is already graphically aged. If a new impressive 3D engine comes out (making other 3D games look bad) it doesn't affect us as much, because the qualities of our game lies elsewhere. Perhaps people approach the game with different expectations too. On top of this, we have a talented and active modding community, and this always extends a lifetime of a game. Mods and modding is probably where the main enjoyment of the game lies now, because I haven't been doing as much content as I should have.

Right now I'm redoing the intro slides that I'm not happy with. Most of the assets that I did felt like sloppy placeholders, so I really want to get started on doing the stuff that is detailed in the design/fluff docs. It will be needed for strategical meta game layer that we've been working on. New in this build of the game (B24?) is... some... skirmish thing.

I'd link my CC stuff and DataRealms here, but it appears the server died. Stop all the downloadin'! Help computer!

Oh yeah, above are some pin-ups that I did for the HIB2 promo page. Hopefully I didn't offend the other developers with my chibified interpretations of their characters.

Edit: I've made a simple page with some of my other HIB promo art.

A few updates

MoO project - See update section.

C21 online - This is a Japanese MMO that I researched. It has some nice robot design here and there.

Paradroid - Cleaned up a few of the roughs.

Elite game - I've added some scribbles at the bottom of this half finished Elite-I-don't-know-what-I-derailed page.