Second iteration

I gave the Bionic Commando redesigns another shot. These new ones are more true to the source sprites (ref). The placement of colors and masses is important for achieving likeness, but I took the liberty of varying the colors a bit to liven things up. I kept the extra colors close to the main colors, e.g., purple and brown, skin tone and white, and sky blue and light gray.

There's a little specular light pixel on the boots of the sprite characters, but I made it into a gray detail instead. If my redesigns had gloss boots and were rendered in a game engine then the specular might move around or disappear, thus reducing likeness. I'm trying to think of the sprites in a nonfigurative way and more like a collection of color blobs. It's less important what the pixels portray. The type of likeness I'm after is more on a 'corner of the eye' or 'flashing by' level. In video games that kind of rapid identification is very common.

Edit: Threw a render layer on the 'copter trooper. The details are still mostly nonsense, as are the lines on the suit.


RADIX said...

Very cool, sir. The red gal reminds me of Protoman--must be the visor.

Linkeltje said...

...Or when you narrow your eyes, those details will also not be seen.

Back in the days I had so much fun with Bionic Commando. The game was, and I think still is pretty original.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could replace all art in the game, maybe in a bit a higher resolution. :) Maybe polish the sound a bit. I'd love to play it again!

Linkeltje said...

haha I didn't know this was comming when I wrote that above :)

But I guess you knew it.
Still I like your idea of the commandogirls in a painted style.