Yesterday I was trying to do some of the Unreal (1) characters, but they give me absolutely nothing to work with. They all have the same big-hand-feet muscle bodies, same chubby silhouettes, and some variation on the head and minor texture bits. Normally I try to find some prominent feature then I exaggerate that and use it as a theme for the figure.

These were the only characters that I felt like I could do something with.

I see that there are a few highrez texture packs out there for older shooters. I think they kind of miss the point. It's much more important that the texture details are aligned to the map geometry and make architectural sense. Tiled highrez textures often just pronounces low poly stuff badly, like corners and floor-wall adjacency. Not to mention that a highrez texture can also miss the point of the original texture.

What else? Oh, a while ago I did a Serious Sam page with some doodles. I don't think I've ever played the game, but it looks like it's fun, at least for a while.


Jeselvis said...

I would love to see a tutorial or screencast from you showing your method of character development -- your sketches are so awesome!

Arne said...

I'd have to keep it under 15 minutes for youtube (or make several parts). Might work for roughs, but I work a lot on stuff in parallel, usually spending a few hours on a sheet of figures rather than minutes of single designs. Perhaps I'll do something for this Ludum Dare though.

Often, half of my process is on paper (pencils) which I then scan and clean up digitally. Perhaps I can timelapse part the redundant parts and cut together a 15 minute long "from pencil to finish art asset" video. It's nothing that I have time to do during LD 22 though.

Arne said...

Though though. I mean, I'll shoot some video during LD 22 then use window movie maker or something to cut something together later on. I'm doing the jam so i'll be rather busy for 72 hrs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arne!

I just discovered your sites.
(actually from googling art-tutorials)

You seem completely insane in a very good way!! LOL
How the hell do you come up with all your stuff??

With that said...
I really admire your style and your energy!

Speeking of tutorials and videos. that would be awesome!

Best wishes!!!!
Hoppas du kan hålla armen frisk och kry!


Cal said...

Loving the landshark. His lookaround pose is downright adorable.

Bowl's another favorite - getting a nice Bob the Killer Goldfish vibe.

Cal said...

Also, if you do end up doing a livestream or somesuch, what's your YouTube user name?

Levi Gilbert said...

Capsule laser babes sound sexy awesome! Thanks for sharing, love your redesign work.