FFL marathon

Three games, three days of doodling.

The Final Fantasy Legend games (aka SaGa 1-3) are perhaps not very well known. I'm not sure if they even came out in Europe. The first one was released 1989 in Japan for the GameBoy. The game mechanics are different in each game, but the general idea of the games is that you can play many different kinds of characters. This includes the monsters that you fight (and eat), robots, cybogs, espers and humans.

Because the games are kind of abstract, they can do a bunch of stuff without having to think about art assets. The DS remakes of SaGa seem to have... limited themselves a bit because they had to show the player characters during combat.

For a FFL project, I'd like to see starter characters like:

  • Beast: Human or intelligent humanoid (e.g. Griffon, Lizardman) which can buy/find and equip swords, armour and stuff. Perhaps the armour needs to be "fitted" by a smith to explain anatomical differences, if that sort of immersion is important.
  • Virus: An entity which can take over robotic bodies (replacing the robots from FFL2). Perhaps the various models have different upgrade options (power cores, shields, whatever).
  • Tamer: Can control up to three captured monsters of a certain power-level at a time. (replacing mighty morphing meat eaters from the FFL games).

I'd totally play a party of 4 skeletons, because I like skeletons. You couldn't do that in the FFL games because the monsters had to keep morphing since they couldn't be level'd.

Slightly related, somewhat recent, WIP.


PypeBros said...

If it was on deviant art, i'd immediately favourite it in the "inspiring & tutorial" folder ...

Galspanic said...

I like the list of things you'd need to do if you were going to make the StarControl Saga Legends game.

I'd give up all the sprites I've ever played just to be the Owl in a robe with a lantern.

Arne said...

Speaking of playing as weird monsters, there's a Swedish pen and paper RPG called (old) Mutant from 1984 where you can play as various humanoid animals in a post-apocalyptic setting. I used to play a duck. Anyways, it turns out they based it on an older American RPG called Gamma World. Looking at the credits for that game, I see Gary Gygax, but also Paul Reiche III and Erol Otus, who worked on Star Control II.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I loved these games when I was a kid along with Final Fantasy Adventure.