I watched the 1970 TV series UFO and couldn't stop myself from doing a few doodles or trying to turn it into X-COM. Space 1999 next?



Anonymous said...

I like your girls, they seem very friendly. Nice update :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, UFO, the series that made space exploration HOT. JK

Nice to see you post again Arnie, we were beginning to fear we lost you.

Arioch said...

X-COM was definitely inspired by UFO. The original British name of X-COM was "UFO: Enemy Unknown".

I loved UFO as a kid even though it was obvious to me even then that the writing was dumb as a rock. It's great to see your riffs on this theme, though it's a crying shame that they're monochrome! UFO designs need to be bursting with white and orange and blue and purple! :D

gekitsu said...

aah, ufo!

i remember watching the german dub on tv, when it was aired ~10 years ago as a lost retro gem kind of show. ufo has been a guilty pleasure since then :D

the line you mentioned - camp all over the place plus often surprisingly dark endings or undertones does have its charms.

cool to see you tackle those :) that was fun.

Phil said...

Found your blog randomly - I've enjoyed your drawings!