More derailing. I had a lot of fun with Tribes back in the day. Tribes is actually called Starsiege: Tribes though, so I researched the Starsiege and Earthsiege series, and promptly derailed, moving onto a mecha project. Apparently Mech was trademarked or something, just like Droids is a trademark. Earthsiege called its mechs 'Hercs' instead.

Anyways: I've made a Tribes proto page.

Before this, I was noodling on my Kawaiik project.

To the right, a Cybrid Herc.


FishyBoy42 said...

Those Kawaiik updates are looking really cool! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Always sweet to see some new stuff from you!

You've been learning Blender. You just started and you already modeled, skinned and rigged your own character with the brand new 2.5 alpha edition.

I'm learning Blender as well, can't say I'm gonna be a pro in every 3D direction but as long as this tool helps me to realize my dreams I'm a happy man.

Linkeltje (Lampje)

Aleks said...

Must say that I am very intrigued by Kawaiik. Will you be working on it alone?

Arne said...

I don't really have a direction for the Kawaiik project, it's mostly drawings so far.

I derailed and haven't done anything more in blender. I hope I haven't forgotten it all next time I pick it up.

Aleks said...

That's too bad. Was really looking forward to it. But any new project from you is equally fun.
Would you be interested in doing pre-production on a bigger project?

Aimsworth said...

Arne, have you checked out ? There is a game called lore: aftermath that is very much like star/earthseige... as well as a nice tribes clone. In fact they're going to be releasing a web based version of tribes soon

Kwan Shun (Ivan) said...

I'm more partial to Earthseige, myself. I tend to think that the Starseige designs are too... skinny. Your designs are definitely better, though!

Fadookie said...
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Fadookie said...

I used to love Earthsiege 2! Nice to see some fan art for it- it would also be cool to see the Razor gunship from that game. See the plane-looking thing here.

Tribes was tons of fun too... the official master servers just shut down recently but some fans made their own master server for both Tribes 1 and Tribes 2 and I think you can still find free legit versions of both games online.

Robert Cook said...

I love Starsiege, and played the hell out of it and Starsiege: Tribes.

I've read that the guys at Dynamix actually worked on the first Mechwarrior for Activision.

Also great Glitch HERC.