Flickr and Lego

I made a Flickr account and uploaded some Lego stuff.

Police Patrol


Mooseral said...

Interesting. Makes me want to bring out some of my (not-so-old) Lego.

I've been wanting to buy some bits for a while now; they always seem to be coming out with shiny new ones. I seem to recall always wanting one of those colorful parrot pieces at some indeterminate point in years past.

K'nex always interested me too, if not so much for the aesthetics as for the utility.

Tigerdot said...

I hate the new lego so much it's unreal. The new face types, the skin colours, the new pieces. Why don't they just make one bit bloody block in the shape of whatever it's supposed to be!

I'm keeping all my old lego (from around 1990 to 2004-ish) so that I may give it to my children, they will grow up with all the good toys I had! From the sturdy plastic guns, down to the vast amounts of Italeri men.

Arne said...

I entered into my dark ages about the time when the pirate cannons came (and I was a space guy), but I secretly coveted them. Might buy one one of these days.

I don't think Lego is that bad nowadays, but it could be a lot better. There are probably a lot of restrictions placed on the Lego designers. They have to worry about sturdiness, piece count, patents for certain manufacturing processes, keeping the number of total different pieces used in all sets down for each season, then the toy has to work with kids, stuff can't be sharp and pointy, and there's the oil price, and office politics.

But yeah, I agree about the faces they look like those annoying smiley banners (which apparently are viable because enough kids click on them)), and I think they could do a better job with sticker and print design. I'm guessing that they have skilled designers/builders but sturdiness/play function and part count imposes a big restriction on them.

I collected during the Classic - Futuron era. I think UFO and Insectoids are a bit big piece-happy. The bases from that era had these huge quarter-domes too which I don't like. The Life on Mars aliens are better than the Mission Mars one, and they had pretty decent mechs too (although nothing near the quality of some of the MOCs out there).

Tigerdot said...

I always thought there was something very iconic about the classic smiley faced lego head. I didn't mind the odd new face which was basically the same smiley face but with glasses or a mustache, I loved the pirate faces. But the new ones where they have beige skin and teeth showing just annoy me.

Also I understand about the oil prices and stuff, maybe I'm just grumpy and prefer it the way it was when I was growing up, but the pointiness I'm not sure, probably something to do with health and safety. Bah.

Arne said...

I too much prefer the original face, or faces close to ascii smileys. But I can understand how they may seem a bit dull and uncool.

Oh, I forgot to mention: the long pointy piece on the assassin droid ship is actually made out of two materials. The pointy light gray end is rubber.

Gundam mechs often have a forehead V thing. It has little knobs on it to prevent it from being too pointy.


Tigerdot said...

I wasn't saying the classic smiley faces were bad, I was saying I bloody loved them! It's those new faces I hate that have come out in recent years. Make me sick they do.

Arne said...

I know. I meant I can understand how the plain smiley face can feel too plain to those who are growing up with the crazy faces.

I think the ability to appreciate subtle and more held back, balanced qualities comes with age. It's one of those art things which is such a struggle... that sometimes, or often the answer is not to add more stuff, but to take away.

Tigerdot said...

With faces now I feel you just think "Oh, he's a robber". You can't have a snarling man with a scar over his eye be a good character, or at least I can't. Whereas the smiley face was somewhat of a clean palette, you could make him whatever you want. I don't mind the odd new face, but to the extent they are now I can't stand.

Also I love that patrol craft, great idea for the see through bits on the guns.

Robert said...