Master of Orion 1 is a nice little game which I never had the chance to play until recently. I started on a redesign project a while ago, but decided to go my own way halfway in. I sketched up my own aliens and game mechanics to avoid infringement.

I got distracted as usual and went off to work on something else, so I'm not sure in which state I left this.

MoO1 / Space Conquest


AF said...

An interesting read, Im curious what other things could be based off of this!

One note though:
Might want to remove the doodle in the corner...

Luis said...

Also, if i may i would ask for the research image to be upscaled or with better resolution, some of the terms are very difficult to read.

Ian and Jamie said...

AF: I thought that was the best part :D

Very inspiring as usual! Have you played
the difference in the Japanese and English versions reminded me of your Super Planetary War Chronicles : Metafight research.

spasquini said...

Your production is so gorgeuos that I'm really crying you don't have any RSS that will inform me about any news.

I'm also a game designer (I would be) and I'm currently working on a space saga massive multiplayer game.

Anonymous said...

Kerberos Productions actually made a game very similar to what you're envisioning (atleast, your like/dislike list) - it's called "Sword of the Stars" and is pretty much 4X with the fat removed.