Star Control

Allright, here's a little Star Control fan-art page I've compiled from various posts here and there. It's not polished or finished, but there's some stuff for you to look at at least.

Star Control Project Revisited

Yeah, I have another server. I registered a firm name, Android Arts ANJ. Had to tack on ANJ on the end, which kinda sucks. In Sweden we can't have - crap, I can't even translate the word - 'nurture-activity-descriptive' names for firms. Electronic Arts wouldn't be allowed for example, not under the present rules anyways. I guess this is also why we see a lot of stupid Web2.0 names like Quambo Jambax Liveblogzap.

I'm working on a logo of some sort.


jake said...

Ah cool, you got your own server. I'm seriously digging the spathi stuff. They share some of the same design motifs as a series of robots I've been designing.

Nat said...

the ZFP story is great. As is the Spathi ballsea slide. Keep these SC pics coming! Multi-tonal Syreen is also a nice touch. Love'em all.

Sam Nielson said...

Hey, I remember this game! Fun takes on all the species.

Davi Blight said...

miss you on IRC.

If you are having problems like some of the other sweds on

Please email me at

Anonymous said...

Awesome shit ANJ.

I love your Starflight stuff and I'm a sucker for lore with high variety content.

You ever check out Alien Legion? The old comic series? Little more serious than Starflight. Some great character designs.

Also, check out - the game is ok,it doesn't have any alien races you can encounter or talk to. It only has giant space crabs to shoot. Might remind you of Starflight.

Bob said...

Please Nikklas you have to update your blog more often than this! I need my fix!