Star Control

It is time to revise my Star Control stuff again. The older stuff I had made was needlessly unfaithful. With enough revisions it's possible to get a redesign close to the source without sacrificing much likeness.

In the case of the Thraddash, the communications image contradicted the smaller melee pilot image. There's also dialog information and music to consider when shaping a redesign. I don't care for the voices, so the music works as a voice for me when I read the dialog.

The Thraddash are brutes, like an anthropomorphic rhino/boar/hippo. I suspect they were based on the G'nunk from Starflight since they respect combat prowess. The Melnorme has the following to say about the Thraddash:

"To make a Thraddash your friend, kill him -- but then of course, he's dead so what's the point?"

At first I wanted to combine some brute looking animal with both the Comm and melee image to make something new, but then someone suggested that the melee image is actually a pilot or combat suit of some kind. I think this solution was much better. Doing an in-between design is like... having people in antarctic and egypt dress the same based on the average temperature... or like democracy.

It seems my site died btw. I got another server I can use though, so we'll see what happens.


Redesign progress:


Nat said...

Sweet! As you might note, the Thraddash Torch is my favorite ship.
More SC!!!

Nikica said...

Nice art!

aveh said...

I always agreed with the thought that re-design didn't mean completely change the whole thing.

Crazy how your redesigns seem like they could be apart of the original as well as completely new, its a touch thing to nail.

We know you are busy, but POST MORE ART

Robomaniac said...

cool, i like new armor

David said...

nice quake rocket launcher

Lorie said...
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Ryan Liebe said...

hungry, hungry, Hippos kick it in space! very, very cool!