Who can resist the Tie Interceptor? Not me. I was a bit skeptical about the low price in conjunction with "snap-together and pre-painted". I think they're pretty decent, and a little weathering and subtle lining could take them further. The details seem crisp, but the snap together seams are sometimes a bit sloppy in how the details meet. It's probably pretty unavoidable though. They mostly snap together just fine, but occasionally I had to do a little surgery with a model knife. I also used a model knife to carefully remove them from the sprue and trim off the junk.

The pilots seems to be about 1:72 size. The interior cockpit module has a front plate which can be painted before the hull is snapped around it, but otherwise I'd say painting the interior is a waste of time. Also, don't put fingerprints on the inside of the wind shield.

Here's some pics (exterior not weathered).

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